Massage services

Post-delivery the body would have gone through an intense amount of pain and physical changes, which may also lead to a lot of mood swings. The weight that you have been carrying for the past 9 months would suddenly be missed & you will have your bundle of joy in your arms to care for. With all the changes happening a woman is bound to be stressed & fatigue creeps in due to the lack of sleep.

Hence taking a massage post-delivery provides relaxation for both the mind & body improves flexibility of muscles & stretched nerves, boosts milk production due to the reduction of the stress hormone-cortisol & increase in the happiness hormone-oxycontin. Massage is also a great stress buster which helps you sleep far better & also increases your blood circulation so as to keep you active. Added benefits might be the reduction of stretch marks, exfoliation of the skin etc., With such great benefits that a massage would offer who wouldn't want to indulge one!

Bathing services

The delivery process either happens through a normal or a c-section. At times in case of normal delivery perennial tear occurs AND it is sutured. In case of a c-section there are stitches running horizontally or in some cases vertically on the belly. With all these stitches it's tough to take care of one self & the baby in spite of staying with your family. So Aaraike health care offers bathing services for the mother till they start the massaging services from us. Likewise not everybody is well versed & trained to handle a new born. But our therapists are certified n skilled in baby care & help you with the bathing of a baby, be it a big baby, a preterm or an underweight baby. Baby massaging, bathing, dressing up & swaddling is included in our baby care service.

Post-Delivery or Post natal yoga

A post natal yoga class is designed to help you stretch & soothe the body post-delivery. It helps in relaxing your strained & stretched muscles during labor. It helps in getting back into shape & building strength. It is advised to start off with this service 3 months post delivery or on the advice of your doctor which ever is the earliest.

Dietitian Consultation

as it is passed over in our tradition there are many foods that have been advised to eat and not eaten. However with all the communication gap, no proper evidence, myths & sometimes even advice's from every one we cant rely on a new mother is left totally confused & baffled when people blame them for any thing that happens to the baby. Hence with our dietary consultation you can get to know what is the right nutritious food that should be taken in order to to produce copious amounts of milk, heal faster, to even reduce postpartum depression and one of the other main concerns- to lose weight over a period of time.

Postnatal tel-consultation with a doctor

Being a new mother is no easy task & sometimes even for 2 Nd time moms it gets difficult in spite of having experience. On one hand there's all the stitches, leaking breasts on the other there's a crying baby - be it with colic or not being able to sleep. Etc., In spite of all the online research & time framed meeting with your doctors, certain queries go unanswered or not clarified. Hence we offer a tele call with the doctor from our panel at your preferred time, at the convenience of sitting at home for clarifying all your doubts.

Lactation consultation

For various reasons there might arise a problem in feeding. Difference in teaching, age old methods passed on by relatives, latching problems, sore nipples,inverted nipples etc., not always can you drop by the hospital post discharge as it can be inconvenient to travel with the baby many a times. Hence we offer a consolidated lactation consultation at your doorstep to sort out the doubts or for assistance during feeding to know what are the medically proven right methods that should be followed.

Vaccination Services

For women they have to take precautions of the various types of cancers that are there , for example- breast cancer,cervical cancer etc., Aaraike health care offers group vaccination programs in MNC's, companies, industries etc.,


its an alternative medical treatment which has pain relieving techniques. As a lactating mother there can be pains in different parts of the body for reasons not known and medicines cannot be administered easily as it can pass through the breast milk to the baby. So the help of physiotherapy can be taken to overcome the aches and exercises are taught for the betterment of the mother as a follow up.

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