Pregnancy yoga

It helps the mother to stay fit both physically & mentally and thus vanquish all the bodily changes, hormonal changes etc., also helps in reducing pregnancy complications, pain & stress levels and in some proven cases premature birth as well. Pregnancy Yoga when complimented with breathing exercises will help in thoroughly preparing for the process of labour.

Dietitian/Nutrition consultation

Consuming the right food helps in better growth & development of a fetus. When the right nutrients are supplemented during the fetal growth at the right time will result in a very healthy increase in growth of the fetus and will have better pregnancy outcome. There are lot of myths in every culture that revolve around pregnancy food consumption. Though traditional memes are handy at times, there are some food eating beliefs that are unscientific. Hence it is advisable to have a diet supplementation that is based on proved scientific facts. Good quality foods which contain enough protein, vitamins, minerals & fibre etc., help in a smooth transition through the pregnancy period. Happy & healthy mothers give birth to happy & healthy babies as well.

Antenatal body & foot massage

Massage might be a luxury to indulge during special occasions but during pregnancy it plays an important role. It helps in relieving all the aches & pains and relaxes your body from all the stress both physical & mental to keep you calm and composed. Through foot massage all the acupressure points needed are activated so as to provide relief from the pain & edema that presents during pregnancy.

Antenatal tel-consultation with a doctor

In spite of all the online research & time framed meeting with your doctors, certain queries go unanswered or not clarified. Hence we offer a tele call with the doctor from our panel at your preferred time, at the convenience of sitting at home & clarifying your doubts.

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